Notes from a Roman Terrace
Marble, Joan and Sargood, Corinna (illustrations)
Joan Marble has lived in a 16th century Roman Palazzo apartment with husband Robert, a sculptor, for thirty years. A lifetime of integrating with the Romans and gardening on her beloved terrace above the roof tops has resulted in this entertaining memoir. Highly personal and brimming with anecdote, history, and insight, Joan's experience of Rome and Romans is infected by her contagious fascination for plants, a hobby she shares every week with The Women's Gardening Club of Rome. She includes an insider's view of Italian fellow gardening obsessives, a tale of Bicycle Thieves, and an authoritative view of famous Italian Gardens. We also hear the curious history of her ancient apartment off the Piazza Borghese, and meet some eccentric neighbours. Tales abound of the expat community, and the illustrious writers and aristocrats with whom the author, as a journalist, keeps company. At the same time, Joan infuses her memoir with an affection for her plants, and scatters tips and personal stories of how to keep her fickle plants alive. A compelling blend of anecdote, humour and fact, this will inform and delight for armchair travellers and gardeners everywhere....
Second hand Paperback

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