Thanks to everyone who saw our note that we are buying again.
The response has been huge.
So huge that we need to slow down in order to get all the books
we have bought over the last 2 weeks on the shelf for you to buy.

We are still buying but selectively.
So, please call if you have more than 3 boxes.
Some sections are overflowing, particularly children’s, detective and cooking.

On a similar note if you are looking for
Children's books, detective novels or cook books, we have heaps of new stock.

New Masters of Woodturning: Expanding the Boundaries of Wood Art
New Masters of Woodturning: Expanding the Boundaries of Wood Art
Martin, Terry & Wallace, Kevin
This unique collection of artistic pieces has redefined the limits of shaped wood. Crafters and designers alike are treated to a wealth of knowledge from 31 leading artists, who share their motivations, thought processes and the studio techniques employed to bring out the breath-taking beauty of wood. Contemporary artists such as Virginia Dodson, Binh Pho, Harvey Fein, Paul Fennell and Marilyn Campbell are among those whose works are given studio-quality photographic treatment. Each piece encourages crafters to find new ways of connecting with their own creative channels and makes this book an important document of the modern craft - sure to become a treasure in every woodworking library.
Second hand Paperback