The Unbakery - Raw Organic Goodness
The Unbakery - Raw Organic Goodness
May, Megan
The unbakeries are a set of award winning cafes run by little bird organics. They specialise in taking top quality fresh, organic, local produce and crafting it into some of the best tasting food you will ever eat. This unique cookbook is a celebration of creating food for wellbeing and pure pleasure. Gluten, dairy, and cane sugar free, all 130 recipes in The Unbakery – Raw Organic Goodness are 100% raw and plant-based. Recipes include cafe favourites such as the famous pad thai with coconut noodles, creamy mushrooms with shallots and rosemary on sprouted bread, and courgette spaghetti with walnut and mushroom meatballs. Not to mention 20 recipes for life-changing smoothies, juices, tonics, milkshakes and nut milks. For dessert, there’s apricot ginger torte or chocolate and raspberry ice cream sandwiches. And it’s not just for people on raw diets. This book is ideal for those who simply want to add more goodness into their diet. If all you want is a delicious way to get more fresh fruit and vegetables into your life (and in today’s world who doesn’t?) The Unbakery by Megan May will inspire you to do just that. These are revelatory recipes that might just change your outlook on eating and cooking, and help you feel more connected with your body and the world around you...
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