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Conversations with Creative Women (Volume Two)
Conversations with Creative Women (Volume Two)
McCabe, Tess
Conversations with Creative Women: Volume Two is a compilation of exclusive interviews with some of Australia's most talented female creatives, from industries as varied as ceramics, interior design, styling, photography, illustration, filmmaking, furniture, and book design. Following the success of the first Conversations with Creative Women in 2011, Tess McCabe presents the stories of another sixteen creative Australian women, and the varied paths that have led them to their current achievements. The full-colour, 204-page paperback offers valuable tips for entering or sustaining a career in various creative fields and provides insight into the real-life struggles, challenges, and the minutiae of creative practice. Featuring exclusive interviews with: stylist Megan Morton; illustrator and artist Dawn Tan; book designer Michelle Mackintosh; bag and accessories designer Emily Wright of Nancybird; interior designer Anna Spiro; ceramicist Shelley Simpson of Mud Australia and more. Designed and printed in Melbourne, Victoria.
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