Kerikeri Mission and Kororipo Pa - An Entwined History
Kerikeri Mission and Kororipo Pa - An Entwined History
Middleton, Angela
Published by Otago University Press, Dunedin, 2013, 78 pages. In New Zealand, the Bay of Islands has long been occupied, beginning some 800 years ago as a Maori settlement. At Kerikeri Inlet, the river gave access to fertile land for plantations, and the harbor yielded plentiful seafood. Europeans found these areas equally pleasing when they began to visit in the late 18th century. Today, the Kerikeri basin is home to New Zealand's oldest European buildings. This book tells their story, and that of the people, missionaries, and Maori, who made them. The book is richly illustrated with photographs from the Kemp House (Mission House) and Stone Store (storehouse) collections of artifacts and objects once in daily use. It contains a discussion and illustrations of the store accounts, revealing details of daily life at the mission - what food, clothing, tools, and other goods were available, where they came from, and who used them.
Second hand Paperback