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Stamps of Burma - A Historical Record Through 1988
Min, Sun Min
The postage stamps of Burma, like stamps of other countries the world over, are a colourful visual record of a unique history. Stamps represent the British colonial government through the Japanese occupation, the British military administration, Burmese independence, the revolutionary council, and the Burmese Way to Socialism. But what of the most significant event in Burma's modern history - the pro-democracy uprising of 1988? No stamp depicts it. This imaginative book features each stamp issued in Burma until 1988, ending with a series of stamps specially created by Min Sun Min, to be issued, he says, "one day, when Burma is free." Min Sun Min is a freedom fighter, writer, educator, and artist. He is teaches graphic design at colleges and universities in New York. In 1989, writer Min Sun Min ended up in New York, one of the first Burmese dissidents to make it to the West. He was a lone protester, long before human rights and democracy in Burma became international issues, and he began receiving letters of support from all over the world. That aroused his interest in postage stamps and how they reflect a country's historical developments. This book is more than a catalog of Burmese stamps; it embodies a vision for a freer and more prosperous Burma...
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