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Tracey Moffatt - Laudanum
Tracey Moffatt - Laudanum
Moffatt, Tracey and Berg, Stefan (Ed) and Reinhardt, Brigitte (Ed)
Tracey Moffatt creates visual scenarios of great intensity in her photo series and films. She links the blatant artificiality of theatre and film staging with documentation in an apparently playful way, and mixes these varied stylistic elements into highly emotional pictorial sequences located on the border between reality and the surreal. The sequences are concerned with existential themes – sexuality and power, birth and death, desires, dreams and memories. She draws on well-known pictorial topoi from films, photography and art history and adopts stylistic methods from advertising and trash-TV. The mythical traditions of Australian aborigines and the Anglo-Saxon culture of the former colonialists with their mutual conflicts are also strands in the works of this half-Aborigine artist. Since her exhibition in Dia Center for Arts in New York in 1997/98, Tracey Moffatt has been regarded as “her country’s most internationally successful woman artist” (Art). This book offers a representative selection of her work in a compact form, including the series “laudanum”, which was completed in 1998.
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