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The Voyage of the Arctic Tern
The Voyage of the Arctic Tern
Montgomery, Hugh
Candlewick Press, 2002, 1st US edition A extraordinary and epic sea adventure, vividly narrated in stirring verse. Things happen here in Plymouth in the winter; And of such things you'd surely never learn.; So take your seat and listen while I tell you; Of Bruno and his ship, The Arctic Tern. The Voyage of the Arctic Tern is a classic tale of treason, treachery and treasure, sweeping across many centuries and different lands, from Scandinavia to Spain to the South West of England. At its heart is the ship's skipper, Bruno, cursed to a life of eternal wandering in a moment of greed and betrayal. His quest for release brings him to the court of the King of Spain and a battle with an ancient adversary, the villainous pirate Mad Dog Morgan. Can Bruno and his crew set right the wrongs of the past and present? Will good triumph over evil? How can the captain of the Arctic Tern ever find the redemption he seeks?...
Second hand Hardback

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