Victoria Cross at Takrouna - The Haane Manahi Story
Victoria Cross at Takrouna - The Haane Manahi Story
Moon, Paul
Huia Publishers 2010 edition, good condition This is the story of Haane Manahi and his exceptional bravery in Tunisia during the Second World War. At the Battle of Takrouna, Tunisia, Sergeant Haane Manahi of Te Arawa led a small group of Maori soldiers who captured a fortress on a 200-metre pinnacle that was being held by at least 200 enemy soldiers. While Haane Manahi was recommended for a Victoria Cross by seven officers, including Generals Freyberg and Montgomery, the award was mysteriously downgraded to a Distinguished Conduct Medal. Until now, little has been known about who made this decision or for what reasons. In this biography, acclaimed author Paul Moon uncovers the man, his life, his courageous feats during the war, and the events surrounding the downgrading of the award for his extraordinary act of bravery...
Second hand Paperback