Complete Poems
Complete Poems
Moore, Marianne
This is a definitive collection of one of the most genuine, witty and imaginative of twentieth-century American poets, the admired contemporary of Eliot, Pound, Stevens, Williams, H.D. and Cummings. Her fastidious and inimitable poems, with their observations of everything from a jerboa to a camel-sparrow, an ice octopus to the Brooklyn Dodgers, are part of the canon of modern poetry. "Miss Moore's poems form part of the small body of durable poetry written in our time". (T. S. Eliot). 'The Complete Poems' was published in England in 1968, when Marianne Moore was eighty-one. This edition incorporates all her later revisions and corrections, as well as five poems written in the last years of her life. She died in New York in 1972.
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