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Mr Boddington's Etiquette - Charm and Civility for Every Occasion
Mr Boddington's Etiquette - Charm and Civility for Every Occasion
Mr Boddington's Studio
The beloved Mr. Boddington, whose love for exquisite stationery gave rise to his bestselling line of desk accessories, would daresay he has little patience for those who can't properly thank a host, handle their silverware, or - egads! - converse politely. In Mr. Boddington's Etiquette, he presents the dos and don'ts of civilised society with a dash of wit and a wealth of lovely illustrations. Authoritatively curated, the content includes must-know guidance for everyday life (how to make an introduction, what time to arrive at events, and what to gift a hostess), the hard-to-remember rules of social protocol (by when do I need to send a wedding gift? Which way do I pass the bread basket? Whose name goes first on the envelope?), and a smattering of tips for the digital age (think cell phones in restaurants and emailed invitations). Packaged in a gifty, full-colour hardcover, and featuring an engaging introduction on the importance of treating each other kindly and making every moment a manners-worthy occasion, it's irresistibly chic and charming - Mr. Boddington at his best....
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