Iraq Journal-Sketches from the Contracting Life
Nerges, Phil
"Iraq Journal is" an in-depth account of the experiences of a civilian contractor during the height of the Iraq War. It provides an inside look at those who support our military, the risks, the results, and the realities. The book is a straight-up narrative uncolored by popular conceptions about contractors. The reader follows the workers through vivid portraits of truck convoys and life in the camps along MSR Tampa. The point of view is not from a political perspective, yet it raises questions about the long-term effects that war has on civilian workers. The transition of the author?s thoughts and emotions is clear. This updated edition includes eight new chapters which appeared on, including the "Vic Ruggiero and Townsend Street" series. The sketches will interest a military and contractor audience, but also their families and anyone else curious about life in the war zone. Signed by author with inscription 'To Dani...'
Second hand Paperback