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Fantasy Furniture
Fantasy Furniture
Newman, Bruce M.
Looks at unusual nineteenth and twentieth century furniture designs, and includes pieces made of horn, bamboo, twigs, and cast-iron. Issued in conjunction with an exhibition at the National Academy of Design, this book is a richly illustrated selection of furniture best described as bizarre--chairs shaped like peacocks, tables shaped like dolphins, chaises made of antlers, and the like. Most of the examples come from the 18th and 19th centuries, with a few earlier examples from Venice and a few from the early 20th century. Each type of furniture--grotesque and mythological, black forest, horn and antler, etc.--is introduced by "a prominent collector or expert" in very few words, with a rather more detailed text by Newman and Alistair Duncan. A bemusing and visual book, but for whom? Decorators, perhaps, but after that? Not necessary. - Jack Perry Brown, Ryerson & Burnham Libs., Art Inst. of Chicago
Second hand Hardback