Narrative of Voyage to New Zealannd Vol 1 and 2
Narrative of Voyage to New Zealannd Vol 1 and 2
Nicholas, JL
Wilson & Horton, facsimile edition. In this two-volume work, "Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand," Nicholas recorded his own impressions of the Bay of Islands and Thames districts and their potentialities, and wake of their war-like inhabitants. But the author did much more than that. He put on record intimate glimpses of the pioneer missionary which should be read with interest today -- Marsden prostrate with sea-sickness in the stormy Tasman; Marsden acting the part of a lady's maid to an amply proportioned Maori chieftainess; capturing an escaped convict; cleaning fish to feed the crew of the Active; or cutting kauri spars to be sold in Sydney to help meet the expenses of the four-month's trip. Nicholas' book did much to nring New Zealand to the notice of the world. Its author, a former London iron-founder, returned to England in 1815 and died there in 1868.
Second hand Paperback