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Ethnic Needlepoint :-Designs from Asia, Africa and the Americas
Ethnic Needlepoint :-Designs from Asia, Africa and the Americas
Norden, Mary
Inspired by the carpets and textiles of Asia, Africa, and the Americas, Ethnic Needlepoint presents a very richly patterned and vividly colored selection of work. Striking motifs--drawn from India, the Caucasus, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Peru, and Mexico, among other places--are nicely adapted to projects ranging from cushions and chair seats to picture frames and lampshades. The charts are fairly clear and are accompanied by a brief explanation for assembling the actual project once the needlepoint is complete and there is a basic technique section at the end. Still, novices might opt to start with the less complex eyeglass cases before moving on to the more intricate designs.
Second hand Hardback