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Culture and Identity in New Zealand
Culture and Identity in New Zealand
Novitz, David and Willmott, Bill
GP Books, Christchurch, 1989, 302 pages, previous owner's name written in red on page ends opposite spine. In this book, culture is broadly interpreted as 'the total collection of behaviour patterns, values and beliefs that characterise a particular group of people.' New Zealand/Aotearoa has had a distinct culture since the land was first inhabited a thousand years ago, but it has undergone rapid transformation since the major settlements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. For too long many New Zealanders, both Maori and Pakeha, have suffered from a cultural inferiority complex and a consequent crisis of national identity. Now, with the many changes occuring in our society - in particular the demands of women, Maori and Pacific Islanders to play a more active role - our culture and identiy are undergoing radical revision. This book, while not attempting to provide definitive statements on such complex and dynamic phenomena, provides illuminating discussion of the issues involved.
Second hand Paperback