Naked Vinyl - Classic Nude Album Cover
Naked Vinyl - Classic Nude Album Cover
O'Brien, Tim & Savage, Mike
To record collectors and music enthusiasts, the vinyl market is an ever-evolving industry. For design and photography enthusiasts, for those fascinated with nudity and eroticism, and for anyone with an eye for color, style or beauty, the genre of record cover art holds an identity and visual interest all of its own. Naked Vinyl lovingly brings together more than 100 of the best album covers. The collection focuses on the development of the "vinyl nude" from the adult-orientated sleaze of the 50s, to the brash exhibitionism of the 70s, and its return to more conservative climes. Listings of artists, musicians and photographers accompany the cover art to create a sexy, stylish and contemporary collection of beautiful, sometimes tawdry and occasionally offensive vinyl nudes.
Second hand Paperback