Almost There - The Onward Journey of a Dublin Woman
Almost There - The Onward Journey of a Dublin Woman
O'Faolian, Nuala
"Suddenly, in midlife, there was the possibility of radical change. Whereas the memoir ended with its author reconciled to a peaceful if lonely future, now opportunities opened up, and there were thrilling choices to be made - choices that forced O'Faolain to address the question of how to live a better life herself and, therefore, of what makes any life better." 'Almost There' begins at the moment when O'Faolain's life began to change, and it both tells the story of a life in subtle, radical, and, above all, unforeseen renewal, and meditates on that story. It is on one level a tale of good fortune chasing out bad - of an accidental harvest of happiness. But it is also a provocative examination of one woman's experience of "the crucible of middle age" - a time of life that faces in two directions, forging the shape of the years to come, and clarifying and solidifying one's relationships to friends and lovers (past and present), family and self..."
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