Food Safari: Glorious Adventures Through A World Of Cuisines
Food Safari: Glorious Adventures Through A World Of Cuisines
O'Meara, Maeve
Readers are taken on a culinary adventure into 34 diverse and fascinating cuisines with this book that explores the basic ingredients and makes the exotic familiar Offering simple foolproof recipes that anyone can cook at home, this is a delicious journey into new worlds, making delicious discoveries. With 180 delicious recipes like spicy Gujarati Potatoes, Southern Fried Chicken, Pho, Empanadas, Haleem—king of curries, and Stone-Bowl Bibimbap, cooks are taken on a culinary globetrot. Desserts include Baklawa, Crepes Suzette, and Fig Loukoumades. Demystifying unfamiliar cuisines, this book offers stories and traditions related to each cuisine, helps readers shop for the key ingredients and cooking implements, and includes simple recipes from cultures as far flung as Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America. Soon readers will be experts at making Dolma from Turkey, Bulgogi from Korea, and Black Forest Cake from Germany.
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