Orga, Irfa and Orga. Margarete
Michael Joseph 1962 First Edition This is the story of a man and his ambitions, and it is difficult to decide which is the more remarkable. Ataturk, the man, or the extraordinary transformation of Turkey in his lifetime. But it is the paradox in Ataturk's personality which excites the interest - the Macedonian peasant boy who became the greatest statesman ever produced by the Near East; the man who lusted for power yet, when he achieved it, laid the foundations for democratic government; who hated the West, yet modelled his country on Western policy. Ataturk had a grim struggle for recognition and power. Behind the iron-willed resolution and the grim dictatorial front presented to the world, was a bitter man who had learned to trust nobody. To his countrymen he was as much of an enigma as he was to the rest of the world. The secrecy with which he surrounded his private life have rise to every kind of rumour... It is on the complexities of Ataturk's extraordinary personality, that this fascinating biography is based...
Second hand Hardback