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Peace Talks - The Dresden Files, Book 16

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Fionn: The Defence of Rath Bladhma - The Fionn mac Cumhaill Series – Book One
O'Sullivan, Brian
Ireland: 154 A.D. A time of strife and treachery. Political ambition and inter-tribal conflict has set the country on edge, testing established alliances. In the secluded valley of Glenn Ceoch, disgraced druid Bodhmhall and her lover Liath Luachra have avoided the bloodshed for many years. Now, the arrival of a pregnant refugee threatens the peace they have created. Following Clann Baoiscne’s defeat at the battle of Gabhra, Clann Morna are on her trail, a mysterious war party roams the lands and a treacherous magician haunts Glenn Ceoch, intent on murder. The odds are overwhelming and death stalks from ever side Based on the ancient Fenian Cycle texts, the Fionn mac Cumhaill Series tells the pulse-pounding tale of the birth and adventures of Ireland’s greatest hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill.
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