The Chronology of British History - From 250 000 BC to the Present Day
Palmer, Alan and Palmer, Veronica
A comprehensive reference on British history including 5000 years depicted in time-charts and tables; 10000 names of history-makers from Pytheas of Massilia to John Major; 50 lists, from Roman Governors of Britain to Prime Ministers of New Zealand, First Lords of the Admiralty to Nobel Prizewinners; 19 maps, covering periods, movements and events from Roman and Dark Age Britain to World War II; Vital statistics on population, births and deaths, speed of communication, railway mileage, food prices, trade union membership etc; 12000 individual events described and precisely dated from the death of Alexander the Great to the freeing of the hostages in the Lebanon... Every event is classified under 9 headings: general and political, fine arts and architecture, literature and scholarship, music and drama, recreation and fashion, religion and education, science and invention, voyages of exploration, and events elsewhere...
Second hand Trade Paperback