Meena Pathak Celebrates Indian Cooking
Meena Pathak Celebrates Indian Cooking
Pathak, Meena
Over the past 50 years, perhaps more than in any other period, the way we cook and eat has developed and changed. Social changes and advances in technology have affected the way we cook and eat, not just in the UK, but in India as well. Modern generations have less time to spend in the kitchen and are more concerned with healthy eating. Cooks today, Indian or otherwise, want to do things differently without losing their traditions. This book is about celebrating traditions while reflecting the changes of the past 50 years. The 100 delicious recipes in this book are all easy to prepare and cook as well as being full of healthy ingredients. They are perfect dishes for entertaining, from casual get-togethers and barbecues to more elaborate celebratory dinners. The chapters include Snacks and Small Bites, Picnics and Barbecues, Classics, Special Occasions and Puddings and Desserts. In addition, throughout the book there are fascinating features, giving an insight into the history of Pataks, as well as anecdotes and stories from Meena. "Meena Pathak Celebrates Indian Cooking" is a must for anyone who enjoys cooking with spices to create delicious, quick and easy dishes, from the authentic to the innovative.
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