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Ulster-New Zealand Migration and Cultural Transfers
Ulster-New Zealand Migration and Cultural Transfers
Patterson, Brad (Editor)
This collection throws new light on migration patterns, and identifies who the Ulster settlers were, probing the contributions they made to New Zealand society. - Contents include: Alasdair Galbraith (U Auckland) Irish Protestant tradition in colonial New Zealand - Malcolm Campbell (U Auckland) How Ulster was New Zealand? - Lyndon Fraser (U Canterbury) How Ulster was the West Coast? - Jock Phillips (Ministry of Culture & Heritage, Wellington) Who were the Ulster immigrants? - Angela McCarthy (U Aberdeen) Ulster Protestant letter writers in New Zealand - Brad Patterson (Victoria U) Katikati: the historiography - Shirley Arabin (ind.) Fitzgibbon Louch - Sean Brosnahan (Otago Settlers' Museum) Rutherford Waddell - Rory Sweetman (U Otago) History of Orangeism in New Zealand - Patrick Coleman (Lincoln U) Orangeism in Canterbury - Melanie Nolan (Victoria U) Was there a hidden 'Orange mark' on the New Zealand labour movement? - Jim McAloon (Lincoln U) Ulster folk in the colonial economy - Roberta McIntyre (Victoria U) John Martin - Neal Garnham (U Ulster) An Irish sportsman in New Zealand and elsewhere - Edmund Bohan (ind.) Auckland's Carbuncle Jack and Mr Punch of Canterbury - Brian Easton (ind.) John Balance - James Watson (Massey U) W.F. Massey and Ireland.
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