Subantarctic New Zeland - A Rare Heritage
Subantarctic New Zeland - A Rare Heritage
Peat. Neville and the Department of Conservation
Department of Conservation 2009 reprint To the south of mainland New Zealand is a boundless sweep of ocean staked out by five groups of islands, remote from each other and from the New Zealand mainland, each group exhibiting a character of its own. These are the New Zealand subantarctic islands - The Snares, Bounty Antipodes, Auckland and Campbell Islands. No two are the same, either physically or in terms of the life they support. The islands, uninhabited by humans, are rugged, lonely havens where life forms are not only remarkable but also sometimes outlandish and improbable. Superlative natural values are only part of the story. Mix in an air of mystery nourished by the outpost nature of the islands, and a history of sealing, whaling, shipwrecks, ill-fated enterprise and human frailty and you have a truly unique region. These five island groups, managed by the Southland Conservancy of the Department of Conservation, are national nature reserves - New Zealand's highest conservation status. In recognition of their rare and special quality, they were designated a World Natural Heritage Area in 1998...
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