Panavia Tornade IDS - Lock On No. 12 - Aircraft Photo File
Panavia Tornade IDS - Lock On No. 12 - Aircraft Photo File
Peeters, Willy and Verlinden Publications
This twelfth addition to the popular LOCK ON series takes a very rare look at the brutish Panavia Tornado, which proved its lethality in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, officially known as Operation Desert Storm. Jointly developed in the late 1960s by BAC of England, MBB of Germany, and Aeritalia of Italy, slightly different versions of this aircraft serve with the air forces of all three of these nations, and each is represented in this interesting book. Details such as landing gear, engines, external stores, cockpits,in-flight refueling probe, avionics bays, different camouflage schemes, and more are well documented by the typically stunning photography of this series. All photographs are accompanied by informative captions which guide the reader through a wealth of information. This book makes an excellent addition to the collection of any scale aircraft modeler or aviation enthusiast....
Second hand Paperback