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Pocket Guides - Frames
Penny, Nicholas and The National Gallery
Frames often catch the eye and arouse the curiosity of visitors to galleries and museums, yet labels and catalogues rarely comment on them and introductions are hard to come by. This survey considers the history of frames, the design and techniques of frame-making, what frames do for paintings and the part they play in the decoration and often the architecture of an interior. The text focuses on their changing function and varied purpose as well as the different styles of ornament, materials, finishes and techniques employed. Severe ebony mouldings are included as well as gilt carvings, second-hand frames as well as original ones, frames to rest on altars and also frames that may catch the eye in a dealer's window. The guide is illustrated by frames from the National Gallery's collection, which has some of the finest examples of the frame-maker's craft, reflecting the taste of individual artists and collectors over the centuries....
Second hand Paperback

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