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Shot in New Zealand - The Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer
Shot in New Zealand - The Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer
Petrie, Duncan
Much of the visual impact of New Zealand films can be attributed directly to the cinematographer, the creative individual primarily responsible for the look of a film. The cinematographer is both an artist and a craftsman, combining a fine aesthetic sensibility and visual eye with a deep technical understanding of the properties of light, lenses, film stocks and processing. Their contribution to the visual representation of the nation is as significant as that of other visual artists such as painters and photographers. Drawing heavily on in-depth interviews with a dozen of this country's cinematographers, Shot in New Zealand profiles their careers and creative contribution to New Zealand cinema, charting their creative achievements, experiences working with local and international film-makers, and resourcefulness in dealing with often limited resources and the harsh New Zealand light. Includes the following cinematographers: Warrick Attewell, James Bartle, Alun Bollinger, Graeme Cowley, Stuart Dryburgh, Donald Duncan, Allen Guilford, Kevin Hayward, Murray Milne, Leon Narbey, Simon Raby and John Toon.
Second hand Hardback