We are buying books again.

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Tahirih the Pure
Root, Martha L.
Memory and History in Christianity and Judaism
Singer, Michael A. (editor)
Muhammad and the Course of Islam
Balyuzi, H. M.
There's Something About Mary: Essays on Phenomenal Consciousness and Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument
Ludlow, Peter and Nagasawa, Yujin and Stoljar, Daniel (editors)
Inventors of Ideas - An Introduction to Western Political Philosophy
Tannenbaum, Donald G and Schultz, David
The Christians
Gascoigne, Bamber
The Face Behind The Veil
Gehrke-White, Donna
The Faber Book of Church and Clergy
Wilson, A.N. (editor)
Jesus: The Story of Enlightenment
Chopra, Deepak
Friendship With God - An Uncommon Dialogue
Walsch, Neale Donald