Our next book club will be meeting on Monday 12 July and we will be discussing books with a seafaring theme.

Call or email us to find out more about the book club.



Religious Trailblazers
Geering, Lloyd
After Theory
Eagleton, Terry
The Secret
Byrne, Rhonda
Ideology - A Very Short Introduction
Freeden, Michael
The God Delusion
Dawkins, Richard
The Oxford Companion to Philosophy
Honderich, Ted (editor)
Unshaken - Rising from the Ruins of Haiti's Hotel Montana
Woolley, Dan with Schuchmann, Jennifer
Lao Tsu - The Tao Te Ching
Land, Peter (Translator)
Daoism and Ecology: Ways within a Cosmic Landscape
Girardot, N. J. & Miller, James & Xiaogan, Liu