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Derrida for Beginners
Derrida for Beginners
Powell, Jim and Howell, Van (illustrator)
Powell's Derrida For Beginners is the clearest explanation of Derrida and deconstruction presently available in our solar system. Powell guides us through blindingly obscure texts like Of Grammatology (Derrida's deconstruction of Saussure, Levi Strauss, and Rousseau), "Differance" (his essay on language and life), Dissemination (his dismantling of Plato, his rap on Mallarme), and Derrida's other masterpieces (the mere titles can make strong men tremble in terror - Glas, Signeponge/Signsponge, The Post Card, and Specters of Marx.) Readers will learn the coolest Derridian buzzwords (e.g., intertextuality, binary oppositions, hymen, sous rature, arche-writing, phallogocentrism), the high-and-low lights of deconstruction's history (including the DeMan controvercy), and the various criticisms of Derrida and deconstruction, including Camille Paglia's objection that America, the rock-n-roll nation, isn't formal enough to need deconstruction...
Second hand Trade Paperback
9781934389119 or 9780863161391