Palace Cobra - A Fighter Pilot in the Vietnam Air War
Palace Cobra - A Fighter Pilot in the Vietnam Air War
Rasimus, Ed
Picking up where his acclaimed When Thunder Rolled left off, Palace Cobra is the story of Ed Rasimus’s return to Vietnam to fight a war that many Americans tried to forget. When F-105 pilot Ed Rasimus completed his 100 missions over Vietnam, he returned stateside to a normal life: sitting at a desk and teaching student pilots. Two years later, he volunteered to go for a second tour of duty. Determined not to die in a losing cause, and relentlessly searching for that next adrenaline rush, Rasimus and the other F-4 Phantom pilots continued the ferocious air war in the North - dodging SAMs and gunning for MiGs - and routinely cheated death. When America finally got serious about ending the war, Rasimus and the other pilots put it all on the line, pounding Hanoi with everything they had, and flying above POW camps to let the troops know they were not alone. Gripping, earnest, and unforgettable, Rasimus’s combat memoir is, in the end, a heartfelt tribute to those who never made it back...
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