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Place Names of New Zealand: Origins and meanings for over 10,000 names
Place Names of New Zealand: Origins and meanings for over 10,000 names
Reed, A.W. and Dowling, Peter (revised by)
Popular interest in New Zealand's place names is as strong as ever and Place Names of New Zealand remains unchallenged as the one-stop reference. First published in 1975 and updated over three editions since, it: contains alphabetical entries for over 10,000 places in New Zealand; explains the origin and meaning of the place names (including competing versions); locates places by regions and indicates distances from nearest major localities; incorporates place names in both Maori and English, and gives the original Maori names for many places renamed during the colonial period; is updated to incorporate latest official names; includes an appendix of over 2000 superseded place names. Place Names of New Zealand, prepared with both locals and visitors in mind, is a user-friendly reference work that no library, home, marae or office in New Zealand should be without.
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