Star Wars - Attack of the Clones - The Visual Dictionary
Star Wars - Attack of the Clones - The Visual Dictionary
Reynolds, David West and DK
A thousand years from now, someone might find a dusty collection of DK's Star Wars titles buried in a library vault and wonder at the ancient strife, fashions, and droids of this unusual, unmarked era in history. For one who didn't know this was a series of film characters and situations being analysed and explained, it would be an extremely believable history resource. For those who do know, it's a fantastic reference guide for all things Star Wars. David West Reynolds's impressive scientific writing style renders this "visual dictionary" a veritable bible of intergalactic information related to Attack of the Clones, the second prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy. The most intricate details of the characters, creatures, and equipment of the film are revealed in crisp, annotated photographs and authoritative text. We see, close-up, the meltproof Ceramoid mesh of a scouter's pack; the traditional Ansata pattern on Jedi Jocasta Nu's tunic, symbolising knowledge and learning; and the alarming features of Poggle the Lesser, ruler of the Stalgasin hive colony of Geonosians. Star Wars fans and future anthropologists alike will be wowed. (Ages 9 and older)...
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