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Peace Talks - The Dresden Files, Book 16

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Air America - From World War II to Vietnam - The Explosive Inside Story of the CIA's Supersecret Airline
Robbins, Christopher
Here is the incredible inside story of the world's most extraordinary covert operation - Air America, a secret airline run by the Cia, which at its height had the biggest commercial airfleet in the world. Air America flew the missions no one else would touch, from General Claire Chennault's legendary Flying Tigers in World War II to two brutal decades cruising over the bomb-savaged jungles of Southeast Asia. Their pilots dared all, did all - a high-rolling, fast-playing bunch of has-beens and hell-raisers whose motto was 'Anyrthing, Anywhere, Anytime.' Whether it was delivering food and weapons, or spooks and opium, Air America was one airline where you didn't need reservations - just a hell of a lot of courage and a willingness to fly to the bitter end...
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