Europe 1880-1945 - A General History of Europe
Europe 1880-1945 - A General History of Europe
Roberts, J.M.
Europe 1880-1945 surveys the continent when it was at the apogee of its power. In these sixty five years Europe's political and economic domination of the globe came to a climax and then crumbled. Europe's internal divisions and failure to solve internal problems brought it twice to the brink of self destruction. European quarrels detonated two World Wars and the struggle to dominate Europe dictated the course of both. Europe 1880-1945 is the classic survey of the period. Social, economic and cultural history are integrated within a firm framework of political narrative and the major themes around which the text is organised are presented through sharp and striking detail. These general themes link together the history of individual countries; it is a true history of Europe as a whole. For this new edition, John Roberts has revised the text in the light of the latest scholarship and added a new guide to further reading....
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