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The Northern Reaches - Gazetteer GAZ7 (Dungeons & Dragons)
The Northern Reaches - Gazetteer GAZ7 (Dungeons & Dragons)
Rolston, Ken

Staple Bound with loose cover for maps. TSR 9230. Moderate general wear. Staples have some rusting.

Welcome to the Land of Vikings. Discover the berserk Jarls of Soderfjord, the Vikings of Vestland and the fearsome drakkars of Ostland. The Northern Reaches is a unique compliment to your Gazetteer collection, providing detailed background on these three nations, their people, and many adventures, including: * Seperate Players' and DM's booklets - 96 pages in all! * Large, double-sided full-color map * A complete 3-D Viking village * 32 pages of exciting adventures in The Northern Reaches * New Runic Magic for the D&D Game * Gates to the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Set

Second hand Paperback
0880385731 or 9780880385732