The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature
The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Literature
Sage, Alison
This unique and lavishly illustrated anthology joyously celebrates the diversity of children's literature with nursery rhymes, short stories, fables, fairy tales and extracts from the classics. Each entry, chosen with care, is a work of true literary distinction; taken together they form a superb collection, reminiscent of the great treasuries of the Fifties, which will carry a child through his or her reading life.... One of the most distinguishing features of the Treasury is its artwork. Illustrations have been chosen from the most beautiful and often the original editions of the books selected.... Produced to the highest standard, the Treasury is a book children will want to dip into, linger over, savour and pick up time and again, and is the perfect introduction to a great literary heritage and the best in contemporary writing.
Second hand Hardback

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