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The Times Picture Collection - Explorers - A History in Photographs
The Times Picture Collection - Explorers - A History in Photographs
Sale, Richard and Lewis, Madeleine and The Times
The Times Explorers is a remarkable pictorial record of the achievements of those, who over the last 150 years, braved the harshest, most formidable environments on earth. Examining each terrain in turn - Peaks, Ice, Jungle, Desert, Sea, and Underworlds - it provides a sweeping chronological and geographical overview of exploration since the mid–19th century. From Franklin’s fatal expedition to the Northwest Passage in the 1840s to Amundsen’s triumphant journey to the South Pole in 1911, the book covers all the triumphs and disasters of polar exploration. The quest to conquer the earth’s highest points, too, is charted, from the 19th–century mountaineers who conquered the Alps to the successful summiting of Everest in 1953 by Hillary and Tenzing. Completing this compelling photographic account are the expeditions to the world’s last uncharted jungles, seas, and deserts by explorers like Livingstone, Stanley, Thesiger, and Stark...
Second hand Hardback