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The Man Who Never Was - Freudian Tales
The Man Who Never Was - Freudian Tales
Sayers, Janet
Why do people cling so strongly to ideas of "manhood"? What harm do these images do to us, and how may we heal it? Sayers's work examines how people absorb and cling to images of maleness. Through a number of case studies, she looks at a series of fixations, from "virgin birth" to "Don Juan" and shows how different stereotypes are acted out - the wimp, tough guy, pervert and tomboy. Following these, come topics ranging from depression and "superman mania" to repressed abuse and the final obsessive or schizoid fragmentation of personality. A century ago, Freud analyzed the ills of patriarchy in the first analytic casebook. Sayers's modern tales re-examine Freud's theories, and present an urgent plea for transforming psychology, therapy and case-work from its recent focus on the mother, to a renewed awareness of the father....
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