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Evil Masters - The Frightening World of Tyrants
Evil Masters - The Frightening World of Tyrants
Scandiffio, Laura
Seven dramatic accounts of ancient and modern tyrants. History is full of evil rulers who rose to power despite the widespread suffering they caused. Though they ruled in different countries and often at different times, their behavior and actions have been frighteningly similar. How did they get away with it? Evil Masters reveals the typical characteristics of a tyrant and then profiles seven tyrannical rulers from the past 3,000 years. The rise to power of each ruler reveals a familiar web of manipulation, fear-mongering, and deceit to get and stay on top. Ancient China saw the rise of Qin Shi Huang-ti, who gained control and glory by melting the weapons of the peasants to make statues of himself. He also suppressed the teachings of Confucius and burned libraries. More than 2,000 years later, book burnings became a favorite tactic of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. Hitler would further promote only his ideas through widespread propaganda, a practice echoed by Josef Stalin in Russia, whose tightly controlled newspaper claimed to be Pravda -- "the truth." Stalin held power through an army of secret police who enforced his will. Similar underground thugs were crucial to Saddam Hussein's rise to power. Dramatic storytelling loaded with information, archival images, and thought-provoking accounts offer a revealing look at some of history's most evil rulers. Featured tyrants include: Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, MaximilienRobespierre, Ivan the Terrible, Nero, and Qin Shi Huang-ti, Evil Masters is a chilling introduction to the catastrophic consequences of absolute power...
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