The Real War - The Classic Reporting on the Vietnam War
The Real War - The Classic Reporting on the Vietnam War
Schell, Jonathan
The Real War incorporates Jonathan Schell's classic reporting for the New Yorker on the war in Vietnam with a forceful, thought-provoking new essay offering a full-scale interpretation of the war and its legacy - of how and why the United States went to war in Vietnam and how and why it lost. In The Village of Ben Sue Schell recounts the destruction by American forces of a village that was caught up in the largest American military operation of the war. Flying into Ben Sue in one of the attack helicopters, he follows the assault on the village, and describes the fortunes of the villagers after they were removed to refugee camps. In The Military Half, Schell depicts the destruction of two entire provinces in South Vietnam by American bombing and ground operations. Frying in the forward air-control planes that guided the bombing, he gives first-hand accounts of the bombing runs, and of their results. He describes the sights, the sounds, and the feel of the Vietnam war. He shows, in microcosm, how it all worked. This edition of Jonathan Schell's classic reporting offers a new generation a chance to see Vietnam as it actually was, and his new essay makes an important contribution to the continuing debate over a war that the United States seems unable to put behind it...
Second hand Paperback

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