The Three Lives of Charles de Gaulle - A Biography
Schoenbrun, David
In 75 tempestuous years de Gaulle lived three very different lives; as a soldier in the Third Republic, as the liberator of the Fourth Republic, and as the creator of the Fifth Republic. Neither a dictator nor a democrat, he reigned as a kind of constitutional monarch, without a sceptre, but with more majesty and power than most kings have known. This book is particularly revealing about the intrigues and plots that led to the coup d'etat in Algiers which brought de Gaulle back to power, including his own controversial role in that plotting. It is also an intensely personal account of de Gaulle, the man who loved his country but not his countrymen; the soldier who held militarists in contempt; the royalist who created a republic; the imperialist who set free an empire; a prophet of the future blinded by the glories of the past...
Second hand Hardback