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Pearls from Jo Seagar's Kitchen
Pearls from Jo Seagar's Kitchen
Seagar, Jo
This is Jo Sealer's latest collection of delightful and easy recipes. With over 100 recipes, some of which have been demonstrated on her popular television programmes, it also includes tip, variations and serving suggestions. This amazing array of brand new recipes together with some old favorites with ever simpler methods of preparation makes this an essential addition to the kitchen. The book covers the usual starters, mains, accompaniments and desserts, but is also crammed with ideas for nibbles, baking, after-dinner treats and brunch recipes. Packed with scrumptious photographs, it's a fabulous book for every cook, both experienced and beginning. From lemon poppy-seed muffins to smoked seafood chowder, from bourbon beef stroganoff with jasmine rice to chocolate mud cake and raspberry kisses, this book is full of pearls of wisdom to make everyone's mouth water.
Second hand Paperback

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