Ava Gardner: Love is Nothing
Ava Gardner: Love is Nothing
Server, Lee
"The most complete and engrossing biography yet of this exotic Southern girl...Excellent."--Liz Smith She was the sex symbol who dazzled all the other sex symbols. She was the temptress who drove Frank Sinatra to the brink of suicide and haunted him to the end of his life. Ernest Hemingway saved one of her kidney stones as a sacred memento, and Howard Hughes begged her to marry him--but she knocked out his front teeth instead. She was one of the great icons in Hollywood history--star of "The Killers," "The Barefoot Contessa," and "The Night of the Iguana"--and one of the few whose actual life was grander and more colorful than any movie. Her jaw-dropping beauty, charismatic presence, and fabulous, scandalous adventures fueled the legend of Ava Gardner--Hollywood's most glamorous, restless and uninhibited star.
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