The New Penguin Shakespeare - King Lear
The New Penguin Shakespeare - King Lear
Shakespeare, William
One of the later plays, King Lear is such a powerful depicition of suffering and redemption it is now thought by many to be Shakespeare's greatest creation. When King Lear abdicates his throne and divides his kingdom between his three daughters, he offends both the law of family and law of kingship. Spiritually blind and on the brink of madness he begins to recognize the faults that lie within his soul and as the drama reaches its cathartic conclusion, to make amends for them. The New Penguin Shakespeare offers a complete edition of the plays and poems. Each volume has been newly prepared from the original texts and includes an introduction, a list of further reading, a full and helpful commentary, and a short account of the textual problems of the play. 'This heart Shall break into a thousand flaws Or ere I'll weep'.
Second hand Paperback

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