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Looking Back - A Photographic History of New Zealand
Looking Back - A Photographic History of New Zealand
Sinclair, Keith & Harrex, Wendy
Europeans arriving in New Zealand last century brought with them a new device - the camera. The early development of photography almost coincided with the beginning of this country's European history and the photographs collected here provide a visual record of life in New Zealand from about 1850 to the present day. In these photographs and the accompanying essays the authors examine the significant themes of New Zealand's history. They consider the nationality of immigrants from whom New Zealanders are decended, the relations between Maori and pakeha from Waitangi to the recent land march, the use man has made of the land in his efforts to earn a living. Later sections cover urbanisation and class conflict, and politics both national and international. This is an arresting story of a country once described as 'a land without a past'. To tell that story nearly 350 photographs have been chosen from public and private collections all over the country. The authors shared research for these and collaborated closely on the text and captions. Both are specialists in their different fields and they have combined their skills to an unusual end - a visual history that will be important to historians and will at the same time command the attention of the general reader. - from the inside cover. Published by Oxford University Press, 1978. Good secondhand condition. Previous owner's name inside. Dust-jacket slightly discoloured, tears have been repaired.
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