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God's Theory of Creativity - An Odyssey
God's Theory of Creativity - An Odyssey
Sinclaire, Stephanie
One Spring moment in 1995 I asked a question to the air and heard an audible reply. Thus began a 2-year journey that completely changed my life and the lives of many others. The veil was torn. The guidance of the voice took me around the world and led me to and through extraordinary events and circumstances. I had slipped through the keyhole into the universal accord where science, spirituality, mysticism, creativity and healing are one. The Shores of Grace is a record of that journey. It is written like a river as it was experienced, a non-linear, heightened, poetic and extremely truthful document faithfully recording mystical transformative states, extremely heightened creativity, cathartic healing of myself and others and the odyssey itself. I left the experience knowing that limitless creativity was the next stage in human evolution, the final frontier leading to our potential, invention, solution, healing, collaborative co-creation and the final alchemical transformation of the human soul from lead to gold. To walk my talk and live the truth of the experience I moved from being a painter/writer and theatre writer/producer/director into film making, establishing Dragonfly Films to make modern myths of extreme beauty and use this extraordinary medium of light and colour and sound to tell great stories that would work on many levels like parables, interweaving the keys and codes of liberation through the shades of human experience. More information about this here. My original title for this book was God’s Theory of Creativity, an affectionate nod to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and an appreciative nod to the quantum theorists who are getting closer to proving what the mystics always knew, the recognition of a sentient Source which weaves the fabric of the Universe whose nature is wholly creative and responsive even within its cyclic nature and, as was once said, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions’ – we live in multidimensional Universe, very little of which is available to the human eye but all of which is available to the eye of the heart, the human spirit. This book has been distributed by donation to 168 UK prisons by the Prism Project and 24 women’s prisons in the US by the Edgar Cayce Foundation.
Second hand Paperback