Yvonne Rust - Maverick Spirit
Sjoquist, Theresa
David Ling, 2011. Yvonne Rust, Maverick Spirit is the fascinating, richly illustrated biography of Northland's iconic artist, pioneer potter, and inspired arts educator, Yvonne Rust, QSM. Yvonne grew up during the Depression years as the only white child in Te Hapua, in the Far North. She graduated with a Dip.FA in 1946, and went on to teach art in schools. Art was then only just being introduced into the general curriculum as part of a new approach to education. Her capacity to inspire was unmatched, and many New Zealand 'creatives' owe her much. As a painter and at the forefront of the pottery movement in the 1950s, she worked closely with such luminaries as Barry Brickell, Ted Bracey, Faith McManus, Richard Parker, Sir Jon Trimmer and Michael Trumic. Yvonne Rust also battled consistently for the development of New Zealand's raw materials. She believed New Zealand had its own spirit and she sought relentlessly to express it.
Second hand Trade Paperback

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