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The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Stein, Gertrude
Paris before 1914 - the artistic capital of the world - Picasso, Apolloinaire, Matisse, Braque, they all knew Gertrude Stein and visited the atalier at 27 Rue de Fleurus. The War is a hilariously depicted interlude of amylance driving in a model 'T' Ford. And afterwards, the American 'invasion' - Eliot, Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald - and once again, Gertrude Stein at the heart of things. This is in fact Gertrude Stein's own autobiography. Above all. it stands as the most articulate and entertaining 'American in Paris' book ever written. Stein's close companion Alice Toklas joined her group of friends in Paris in 1907 and they remained together in France throughout the Second World War. Gertrude died in 1946 aged 72 years.
Second hand Paperback